5 Useful Wedding Beauty Tips

Do you know what’s the most important detail wedding guests will remember? That’s right: the bride’s overall look! On your special day, all eyes are on you. Not to mention you’ll have pictures and video footage to document your ceremony and you want to look at them with pride. That’s why you have to pay special attention to your appearance, hair and make-up.

Here are some wedding beauty tips to help you glow on the happiest day of your life:

Before the wedding follow these 5 steps:

  • Get enough sleep and drink plenty of water. You are a future bride, which means you have lots of planning and organizing to do. Still, do not neglect yourself prior the wedding and make sure you get your beauty sleep. If you’re having a hard time falling asleep, try taking a warm bubble bath before going to bed. Also, do not forget the 8 glasses of water/day rule. We know you have to run all over town with errands but that’s no excuse: always carry a water bottle with you.
  • Find a good make-up artist. As a bride, you want to look flawless on your big day. We recommend that you take your time and try to find a make-up artist that will meet your expectations. Experiment until you find the style that best suits and enhances your beautiful facial features. Afterwards have make-up rehearsals and take inside and outside pictures to see how they turn out.
  • Take good care of your skin. A couple of months before the wedding start a beauty regime and introduce a skincare routine for your body.
  • Get a manicure, pedicure and book for facials.
  • Find the perfect fragrance. The wedding day is a romantic day so opt for a romantic, light fragrance. Avoid applying the perfume directly on the dress. It may stain and ruin your beautiful wedding gown.

Make-up tips:

First, take into consideration if your wedding is scheduled for a day (opt for a natural make-up) or night event (go for darker shades). Another tip is to use waterproof make-up products to ensure your make-up stays on during the ceremony and wedding party.

Bridal hair tips: We recommend you start early with the hair style planning since you may want to experiment different colors and styles. Also, when you make the visit to the salon for your beauty consultations take your headpiece and earrings with you.

To make sure your hair stays in place, use a conditioner or hot oil treatment to prevent frizz. Also, make sure you have all-time access to an emergency kit containing a comb and a can of hairspray – just in case.

Natural Skin Beauty Tips – What Does Diet Have to Do With Healthy Skin?

More and more women are awakening to the fact that a healthy diet not only has to do with a healthy body, but greatly improves the tone and texture of skin. In fact, quite a number of ladies are openly stating how much better their skin looks and feels – without the need to purchase some sort of “miracle” product for skin, simply by managing their diets more effectively.

With that in mind, here are some natural skin beauty tips that have been known to provide women (and men) with healthier skin, naturally:

1. Drinking water – For many of you out there this might be considered a “no brainer”. Water is the finest hydrating element available – without enough of it, skin becomes dry, less elastic and is more prone to wrinkles. On the “flipside”, having adequate water intake can have huge positive effects on the skin.

2. Eating less fatty foods – Yes, it is so tempting to frequent the nearest drive through fast food restaurant – especially for us ladies who are on a tight schedule. However, this type of diet most definitely takes a toll on the skin. The nutritional value of these foods is known to be quite low compared to eating fresh food with a lower fat content.

3. More veggies! – Fresh vegetables (especially when organically grown) are known to have rather amazing benefits for the skin. The vitamins and other nutrients provided by these foods (when eaten regularly) are quite amazing.

4. About juicing – More and more I have been hearing about the benefits of fresh vegetable and fruit juices. These juices really “pack a punch” in terms of vitamins and other nutritional elements that are much more easily assimilated by the body than simple vitamins or other supplements in tablet or capsule form. And – they are becoming recognized in the world of natural skin care as one of the best things one can do for their skin.

It’s difficult to ignore the fact that women are much busier today in general than they used to be – many women (like myself) tend to “go in all directions at once”. For these ladies, making lifestyle changes to involve implementing the natural skin beauty tips above may seem a bit overwhelming. However, actually using discipline to add these healthy eating steps to one’s daily routine can result in it becoming a natural part of one’s schedule and you may find that it is easy to take care of one’s skin the best way possible – with healthy, natural foods.

Natural Health Beauty Tips

The number one natural beauty tip I can give you is to take your health seriously. In Chinese medicine, we know that natural external beauty is a reflection of inner health and well being. Often, the solution to external beauty problems is an internal one. That means foods and herbs. In the case of skin problems, herbs can be use to create creams or wraps and applied directly.

In Chinese medicine, we treat problems like acne, blemishes, and other skin problems, hair loss, and premature graying of the hair. Some of this you may need to see a Chinese medicine herbalist for, but some of it you may be able to deal with yourself. I’m going to give you natural beauty tip after natural beauty tip to help you do just that.

Natural Beauty Tip 1 – Eyes Lacking Luster
what does it mean? You can see it in babies and young children – bright, glowing eyes. Our oldest Chinese medicine classic states that “the essence of the internal organs ascends to the eyes.” The Bible says something similar, “Your eyes are windows into your body. If you open your eyes wide in wonder and belief, your body fills up with light.” Clear and glittering (shining) eyes indicate vitality of mind and essence. Dull, clouded eyes reflect a disturbed mind, and weakened essence – this often happens in people with long term and deep emotional problems.

How can you fix it? Well, first of all, if you have some emotional problems, work through it with a professional- a counselor, therapist, or someone within your religion. This is one part of getting to the clear, vibrant personality that shines through in bright eyes. It may take a while to get there. Second, you can take herbs and eat foods that benefit the eyes.

Natural Beauty Tip 2 – Bags under Your Eyes
Bags under the eyes indicate Kidney-system (root energy) deficiency, blood stagnation, or allergies. Respectively, the solutions are to increase energy and minimize overwork; get more movement and circulation; and find the allergy cause, eliminate it, and take anti-allergenic herbs and foods. The Kidney-system energy is limited. If you overwork, have too much sex, or use more energy than your digestive system can produce, you’ll dip into this limited energy fund. This can lead to more than circles under your eyes- you can end up with premature aging and hair loss, impotence and infertility, and ankle, knee, and lower back problems. If that’s your problem, try to practice moderation, eat better, and take supplemental herbs and foods.

Natural Beauty Tip3 – Dry Skin
Moistening herbs and foods are soy, spinach, asparagus, millet, barley, salt, seaweed, apple, tangerine, pinenut, persimmon, peanut, pear, honey, oysters, and clams. A seaweed facial wrap would be nice, too!